14 November 2010

Reason, Season, Lifetime: Tarot Reading For Love and Relationships

Reason Season LifetimeIf you contact a tarot reader, chances are high that it is because you want a tarot reading for love and relationships.  Here I discuss my thoughts on this area.

“I was in the shower trying to keep at bay the emotional tsunami that had been threatening to crash over me for days, (or was it weeks?), when I made the huge mistake of looking down and watching the soap suds wash down the drain.  ‘That’s exactly where all the effort, time, emotion and energy you spent on this relationship is going’ whispered the voice in my head and that was when the tsunami hit.”

We’ve all been hit by those kinds of tsunamis.  As a tarot reader the questions I am asked the most concern love and relationships.  It doesn’t matter whether we’re young or old, rich or poor, heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual; we’re always plagued with some question to do with our love lives.

If we’re single, the question invariably is “When will I meet the one?”  Even when this is qualified with “I’m happy being single” or “I want to concentrate on my career” or “I don’t want the hassle of a relationship”, we still want to know when it will happen for us.  For those of us in relationships, we’re concerned with pressure to commit, a partner who won’t commit or even partners who refuse to call themselves partners.  We’re going too fast, going too slow, creeping backwards, hurtling forwards, or just not going anywhere at all.

“Isn’t there anyone in a happy relationship?” I hear you ask, well yes.  There are many that are happy, and yet even they have questions, the most common one, “Will it last?”  I think is extremely telling.  It goes to the root of all this chaos, ecstasy and delirium – we do not want to be alone, not really.  Humans are sociable creatures, and we were never meant to live in isolation.  Our very existence as a race depends on us getting up close and personal, but we also have an emotional need for intimacy.

There are many of us at one time or another who have just accepted as fact that we are destined to be alone.  A relationship is just too much effort for us, or we’ve decided the pain of loneliness is more acceptable than the pain of heartache.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  There is no manual on how to have a successful happy relationship, or on how to find ‘the one’, but there are things we can do to enjoy our love lives.

The most important thing is to love ourselves – how can someone else love you when you do not love yourself?  Look at yourself, look at every good point, every bad point and love what you see on the inside and the outside.  In this moment, you are exactly what you are meant to be – you are perfection.  Tomorrow you’ll be someone else, and that will also be perfect, but for now, just love yourself.  Remember, no-one can fulfil us or make us complete.  No-one can make you love yourself; that is something you bring into any relationship.

Now, what kind of a partner do you want in your life?  What does he or she look like?  Will she share your interests?  Does he want kids?  Be as precise as possible.  This list will change many times, but who do you want right now?  It is much easier to attract and find what we need, if we have a clear idea of what it is that we are looking for.

I want those of you that doubt you will meet the right person, or that feel you have already met and lost the right person to remember one thing – nothing in nature happens just once.  If you exist, there is someone like you that also exists.  There is no way that the right person can just pass you by.  No matter what you believe you did wrong or went wrong, if that relationship ended, it was what was meant to happen.  You were both together for as long as you were destined to be together.

For those of you that believe you have found your perfect partner, and yet feel unhappy and sad within that relationship, I want you to ask yourself, is he or she really that perfect?  What is keeping you with this person?  Yes you love them, but do you love yourself?  Is he or she treating you the way you deserve to be treated?  Are you exhausted by the effort of being with this person?  Yes, any relationship takes some effort and compromise, but are you both putting in equal effort?  Who is compromising and on what?

So many of us remain in destructive relationships because we believe this is the best we will get and we are afraid of being alone.  “He’ll change, right?”  But that’s just it, no one should have to change who they are to be with someone – that is not compromise, but an unsustainable loss of identity that we eventually begin to resent.  Our partners enrich our lives and help us to be more, not less.  In general, people in relationships are neither good nor bad.  We just make bad connections sometimes and our needs, wants and goals are incompatible.  Be grateful for the love you were able to feel and know that you will feel it again – have faith that love is in your destiny.

We all feel fear, but the trick is to carry on despite the fear, because the rewards are so worth it.  Love is something worth waiting and persevering for, and it all starts with the easiest step – love yourself.  Show the world how much you deserve to be loved and very soon you can share that love with someone very special.  Love trumps fear every time, because love brings hope and fear cannot survive where there is hope.  “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.”

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