15 May 2012

The All New Free Horoscope Spread Tarot Reading

I am always working on bringing you more and more free readings on the site and I am very happy to be able to launch the first of these today; the Free Horoscope Spread tarot reading.  I love this spread as it combines two of my passions; astrology and tarot.

The layout of the spread consists of twelve cards, and they are read anti clockwise beginning with the card in the 9 o’clock position.  This is the position of your rising sign in a horoscope.  Please note, by horoscope I do not mean the daily predictions you read in the newspaper, but rather the actual birth chart mapping the planets at your time of birth.  In the same way as the horoscope looks at different aspects of the subject’s life and character, so does this reading.

However, unlike the fixed elements of your astrological horoscope, this spread is more flexible.  In astrology, the change and differences come depending on how your birth chart corresponds to the current planetary positions.  In this tarot spread, it will depend on who you are right now and the challenges you are experiencing.  For example, you may select the Lovers card in your personality position today, because there is a focus on love, but another time select the 8 of Cups, which would reflect that side of you that is always searching and seeking for more.  To explain the way the positions work in relation to the card meanings, here is an example reading:

The 8 of Cups in the first position, the first house of the horoscope, shows that the querent is searching for something.  This shows a personality who is looking for some true fulfilment.  Later positions will explain what that is.

The 2 of swords shows that finances are a bit of a precarious balance act for this individual.

No matter what difficulties or turmoil this individual may have exhibited in the first two cards, the Star card shows that she always exhibits hope and this is how she expresses herself.

The 10 of Swords shows a difficult past.  This individual probably learned hurt and betrayal at an early age as well as a loss of innocence.  I would also say that because this has come up here, it would suggest to me that this aspect of this person’s past is linked to the current difficulties this person is facing.

The Death card shows that this is not a person that is afraid of change.  In fact they probably crave it at this time.  Those things that bring this person pleasure (people or practices) are changing.  There may also be a leaving of past extravagances.

The Emperor here shows a couple of things; firstly that this person is quite stubborn about their health.  It may be time to consider getting some advice or looking at another treatment plan, or that a father figure is actually having a negative impact on this person’s health.  I know for a fact that the latter is true for the person who volunteered for this reading.

The 9 of Pentacles shows us this person has satisfaction in both business and romantic relationships here.  These relationships give a great sense of security and satisfaction to the querent at this time.

The Page of Wands would appear to be a strange card in this position, however it is not when you think of the fun energy of this page, what could be further from death and losses?  It bodes well.

The 10 of Wands here tells me two things about this lady.  Firstly, that she takes her beliefs very seriously and secondly that they don’t always make her life easier, especially at this time.  There is definitely an easier way to integrate what this person believes with the life he or she lives.

The Ace of Swords shows that this person obviously is considered to be a very logical individual by the people around her.  She is probably respected by her peers as having a very level head and not being blinded or misguided by emotion.

The Magician shows a person who communicates very well, in fact the whole reading shows that this is a person who communicates and is regarded very well with and by others.  In fact, the communication may be taken further and indicate a person who has the ambition to communicate on a wider scale by writing a book or appearing in a broadcast.

The Page of Cups shows this person is at their essence a sweet loving child.  By looking at their background, we know that she obviously didn’t have much of a childhood; probably maturing too early.  So this reading tells this person that no matter how responsible, or logical the world sees her, she has a child inside her that also needs nurturing from time to time.


  1. These are just amazing free Horoscope spread Tarot reading!
    I highly recommend this and really enjoy visiting here for an update now and then… Very comprehensive – check it out!

  2. Helene says:

    I just LOVE this reading! Thank you so very much for putting this on line, I’m sure that your visitors will get great benefit from it.

    I am still pondering the wonderful reading you did for me recently, and visiting here for some extra guidance has been most helpful.

    Kind Regards