Tarot cards that show change and why we fear them

Tarot Cards that Show Change and Why We Fear Them

Death, Judgement, Tower and Wheel of Fortune Whether you’re totally new to the tarot or familiar with the meanings of the cards, there are cards that we all seem to know and even fear. Most people fear the Death card appearing in their reading, but almost just as many cringe when they see the Tower…. More »

Reading the Tarot for Others

My Tarot Journey Part 2 – Reading the Tarot for Others In Part 1 of my Tarot Journey, I wrote about my introduction to the tarot and how I began to read for other people. Here I will share how I progressed in reading the tarot for others and became a professional tarot reader. As… More »

Introduction to the Tarot

Introduction to the Tarot

My Tarot Journey Part 1 – Introduction to the Tarot A few days ago I received a message from someone I was very close friends with quite a few years ago. Then she got married and I became very ill and we went from being in contact almost every day to not having exchanged a… More »

Will My Lover Return to Me?

Will My Lover Return to Me?

Answers from the ‘Heart of the Matter’ Relationship Tarot Reading Over the weekend a lovely lady contacted me via the Aquarian Insight page on Facebook enquiring if I could help her to understand a reading she had conducted with the ‘Heart of the Matter’ Relationship Tarot Reading spread. Her question was “Will My Lover Return… More »

Can You Do a Tarot Reading for a Pet

Can You Do a Tarot Reading for a Pet?

Someone asked me this week “Can you do a tarot reading for a pet?” and I replied with a very enthusiastic “Yes, of course!”  When you do a tarot reading, you are connecting to the energy of the query. This means the query can be about a person, a place even a building or an… More »

What Do You Do When a Tarot Reading Seems to Make No Sense

What Do You Do When a Tarot Reading Seems to Make No Sense?

No matter how long a tarot reader has been reading the cards, there will be times when a reading will seem at odds with the situation asked about, or it’s just difficult to make the cards fit together. So, what do you do when a tarot reading seems to make no sense? Don’t Panic! First… More »

The truth about tarot cards...

The Truth about Tarot Cards – Really?

My friend LJ sent me a link to an article about the tarot earlier this week with the note “Thought you might get a kick out of this.”  The article is called ‘The Truth Is Somewhere in the Tarot Cards‘  with the tagline ‘When descriptions are vague and wide-ranging enough, we tend to think they’re true’. … More »

Help With Combinations in Tarot Readings

Help With Combinations in Tarot Readings

I frequently receive messages asking for help with combinations in tarot readings.  Any reading or spread needs to be read as a whole as well as looking at each card individually.  So I will share some of the questions I receive as this may help others who are struggling with the same aspects in their… More »


Are You Afraid of the Death Card?

Are you afraid of the Death card?  You are not alone as this is the tarot card that most people fear cropping up in their reading.  It’s hardly surprising that this fear has been exploited and in turn perpetuated in many a movie where a reader looks distraught as she reveals the card she has… More »

Choosing your first tarot deck

Choosing Your First Tarot Deck: A Beginner’s Guide

Choosing your first tarot deck is exciting but can be a somewhat daunting prospect for newcomers to the tarot.  Just the sheer number of tarot card decks available can be overwhelming.  So here are some pointers to help you in the very important task of choosing your first tarot deck. Generally speaking, I have found… More »