Help With Combinations in Tarot Readings

Help With Combinations in Tarot Readings

I frequently receive messages asking for help with combinations in tarot readings.  Any reading or spread needs to be read as a whole as well as looking at each card individually.  So I will share some of the questions I receive as this may help others who are struggling with the same aspects in their… More »

Free Personal Tarot Readings in Agony Aunt Style

Free Personal Tarot Reading in Agony Aunt Style

Would you be interested in receiving a free personal tarot reading in agony aunt style?  Aquarian Insight stopped offering paid tarot readings at the end of September 2013 to new clients, and the number of readings given overall have been reduced drastically due to time and energy constraints. However, the number of people still asking… More »

Are You Addicted to Tarot Readings?

Are you Addicted to Tarot Readings?

A few days ago I received a message requesting a tarot reading because the person felt they had an addiction to trying to know the future and wanted to be able to control it. She went on to say that she wanted to get back into the driver seat and regain control. I’ve been reading… More »

Playing Cards

Divination and Fortune Telling with a Deck of Ordinary Playing Cards

Before I started out on my journey with tarot, one of the things that I learned was divination and fortune telling with a deck of ordinary playing cards. I recently had someone ask me about readings with playing cards, so I thought I would share some very basic information about this method with you if,… More »

3 of Swords - Heart of the Matter

Getting to the Heart of the Matter with Aquarian Insight

I was looking through our visitor stats this morning and I noticed that once again our Free ‘Heart of the Matter’ Relationship reading has been our most visited page. This has been true since we introduced the reading back in February this year. The ‘Heart of the Matter’ Relationship reading is one that I created… More »

3 Easy Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Tarot Reading

3 Easy Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Tarot Reading

When thinking about how to make the most of your tarot reading, you may think the only tip you need is the name of a good reader but the truth is that even with the best reader, there are things you can do yourself to make sure you get the maximum results from your reading…. More »

Tarot for teenagers

Tarot Cards For Teenagers

If you’re considering buying tarot cards for teenagers then you have come to the right place. As I explained in my previous post, tarot makes a great gift for teenagers, but with the vast array of decks available, which ones do you go for? After all, you don’t want something too dark or macabre or… More »

Tarot as a Gift for a Teenager

You may never have considered a tarot as a gift for a teenager, but I’m going to show you why it is a great choice.  It seems all those people in my life who are parents now have teenage children.  My god-daughter turned 17 years old earlier this year, and while she used to be… More »


Are You Afraid of the Death Card?

Are you afraid of the Death card?  You are not alone as this is the tarot card that most people fear cropping up in their reading.  It’s hardly surprising that this fear has been exploited and in turn perpetuated in many a movie where a reader looks distraught as she reveals the card she has… More »

People Who Are Afraid of the Tarot

People Who Are Afraid of the Tarot

My last post was about tarot cards for Halloween and since then I’ve been thinking about the scary side of tarot and remembered that there are actually people that are afraid of the tarot.  There are certain cards that frighten people like Death, the Devil and the Tower, and even tarot decks that others find… More »