Moving On With Life

Moving On with Life…Keeping the Momentum Going

Most of us start the New Year full of hope and plans for the coming year. Whether we’ve made resolutions to give up smoking or to lose weight, or created plans for our personal lives, health or businesses, the New Year is the best motivator to begin anew. But inevitably after a week or two and almost certainly by the end of January, the momentum has slowed and the effort of working on our goals and building a new life becomes too much. This is when a real effort is needed; we must recommit to our dreams, understand our goals


Peace Love

There’s something so Aquarian about this image; after all, ‘Peace Love’ are the keywords of the Age of Aquarius.

Creating Yourself

Creating Yourself

George Bernard Shaw may have said this about life, but it is also true of the Tarot and your future.

The Best Way to Predict the Future...

The Best Way to Predict the Future…

‘The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It’ is one of my favourite quotes, yet other Tarot readers criticise me for posting this and even clients sometimes wonder why I would promote this sentiment.

Why Do You Want A Tarot Reading

Why Do You Want A Tarot Reading? – The Purpose of the Tarot

The single most important thing you can do before getting a reading is to question yourself as to why do you want a tarot reading.  This is important and as a business person, it is probably foolish for me to even point out this fact; like a car salesman telling you the benefits of catching… More »

What lies behind us...

What Lies Within Us

We can get so caught up looking over our shoulders at the past and trying to anticipate what is in the future that we often forget to look at what lies within us, which is the most important to look if we want to create change and the destinies that we want.

2013 - Free Twelve Month Tarot Reading

Free Twelve Month Tarot Reading: A Tool For Goal Setting

One of the free readings offered on Aquarian Insight is the Free Twelve Month Tarot Reading and although it can be used throughout the year, right now, as we are just embarking on 2013 is a great time to benefit from the insight that can be gained from this reading. Anyone who is familiar with my… More »

starry night

New Year’s Resolution for 2013

Have you decided on a New Year’s resolution for 2013? What would you like to achieve this year?


Releasing The Past And Moving Into The Future

Releasing the past and moving into the future is an essential part of learning and growing in life.  The older we become the more issues we accumulate from our past and the harder it can be to keep moving and growing. Why is it so important to release the past and move forward?  The answer… More »

Walk Down Memory Lane

Early Experiences As A Tarot Reader

Recently, I’ve been totally absorbed in writing my book about learning to read the Tarot and it has made all sorts of memories resurface about my early experiences as a Tarot reader; how I became the reader, the person even, that I am today.  Then yesterday I read an excellent article by one of my favourite… More »