Hello and welcome to Aquarian Insight where you can be sure to gain insight via our Free Tarot Readings and popular Personal Tarot Readings!  However you got here, whether it was by someone telling you about a tarot reading they had via this site, or whether it was just by chance, I am glad you are here, and after all, does anything ever really happen by chance?

You don’t need to consult the tarot or the stars to know that this is one of the toughest periods we have gone through in recent times.  It seems all areas of our lives are affected and we suffer.  I am here to offer help by providing some Aquarian Insight.  I have been a natural psychic my whole life and have been a tarot reader since 1995.  I am based in London, but have clients all over the world, from America to Australia and you can read some of their testimonials here.  Or you can read more about my own background at The Aquarian Behind the Insight.

No matter what the problem, why not book a Personal Tarot Reading today and see if I can use some Aquarian Insight to help you, or try out our Free Tarot Readings which include our most popular Free Celtic Cross Reading.

So, the introductions are done! Welcome once again, and I hope you will enjoy receiving some Aquarian Insight!