17 March 2012

Voice of the Angels: 2012 and the Journey so far…

 One of my 2012 New Year’s resolution’s related to Aquarian Insight was to start a more personal blog about my activities, rather than just write about the big things like contemplating the personal and global significance of 2012 or delving into the mysteries of the tarot.  But this Aquarian has been so busy that I’ve not had the chance to do that until now.

2012 has been an exciting year so far.  It began with January being the busiest month for Personal Tarot Reading requests since the website was set up and I’ve had excellent feedback.  In January, I was also approached by Dyan Garris from Voice of the Angels and asked if I would like to join her psychic network.  This is the power of the Universe folks, because I had told myself that I would consider extending my services and joining just such a network and lo and behold, the perfect opportunity came along just days into the New Year.

Before I could join I, of course, had to be tested.  Despite having over 17 years of experience with Tarot cards, no-one had actually ever tested me, especially not someone of the calibre of Dyan, so this was huge for me and a little daunting.  But as is always the case, as soon as I was sat there with the cards, calmness descended and the information flowed.  Dyan told me straight away that she wanted me and even told me that I had the “wow factor” which was incredibly flattering coming from her.

As a result, I can now be found on Voice of the Angels most days, available for phone readings.  I found reading over the phone very strange at first.  I was so aware that people were paying a per minute rate, that I would try to convey the messages as quickly as possible and this was alien to me.  During face to face or written readings, I convey the messages from the cards very clearly, breaking them down and explaining the significance of them for that person.  But this was not an option.  It’s one of the things that impressed me about Dyan; she was very clear that we were to give the information to the customers as quickly as possible.  There are horror stories of some psychic lines where readers are pushed to keep the customers on the phone for as long as possible.  But I honestly feel that this has actually helped me to become an even better tarot reader and I have never been this connected or this confident in my cards or my abilities.

So, all these Tarot readings have kept me very busy, but I have a routine now and I’m trying to get back to writing as well.  I have had quite a few new lenses on Squidoo, which you can see listed on the right.  The one I’m particularly proud of is my lens explaining the Celtic Cross spread [UPDATE 26 August 2014: As I have deleted all content on Squidoo now, tarot related articles will now be moving to this site.].  This is another project that was a long time coming.  I love the Celtic Cross spread and feel it is an important part of my quest to make Tarot card reading available to all who want to be able to consult the cards themselves.

Thank you all for being a part of Aquarian Insight; you make it a pleasure doing all this and if there is anything else you would like to see or ask, please drop me a note via the Contact Me page.  I’ll keep you updated on the latest Aquarian Insight in the coming weeks.