5 April 2012

Tarot Addiction: Surrendering Your Power to Tarot Cards

 It may seem strange that I would write about this topic as my livelihood depends on tarot, but it makes me so sad when I see people surrendering their power to the tarot cards, which I call Tarot Addiction.  Recently I have seen this again in a lady who is beautiful, intelligent and kind but has surrendered to the tarot, and she has inspired me to write this article, even though I recently wrote a similar article: Are our destinies written in the Stars and the Cards.

This lady is not alone; so many individuals become addicted to tarot. It usually begins with them having a reading because they’re in a difficult situation.  That reading speaks to them on a level and with an understanding that no-one else has.  This is a good thing; it is the very purpose of tarot readings.  But, very soon, the client finds it easier to surrender all his or her power to the tarot cards, and is unable to make even the simplest decision without a reading.  I had one lady call me in a state because her child’s school had called her in for an immediate meeting.  She wanted me to tell her why they had called her.  I had to tell her “Why are you on the phone with me?  Get down to the school and find out!”  The cards become a safe filter by which they live their lives.  But that is not living.  In the case of this lady, I had to refuse to do any more readings for her because I believe the readings should help, and in her case they were clearly doing more harm than good.  I’m sure she went out and found herself another psychic and unfortunately there are readers out there who will keep taking the money for readings.  In doing this, we become drug dealers and not healers and helpers; perpetuating a disabling addiction for the sake of financial gain.

The most frequent addictions are seen when individuals find themselves in unhealthy relationships.  The cards will give advice and advise the client of what they can accept if they behave in certain ways.  But, unwilling to face the truth, the individual will just focus on any scrap of ‘positive’ information and keep asking the same question month after month, never changing their behaviour within the relationship.  They want the cards to tell them “Yes, your relationship will work out perfectly”, and when that is clearly never going to happen, they want the cards to say “No, your relationship is a disaster; get out while you can.”  But a reader should never tell the client this.  Why?  Because in doing so, they take the decision away from the individual.  If they are able to come to that conclusion themselves, using the cards to look at the bigger picture, then they will feel empowered and truly be the master of their own destinies.  It shows faith in themselves and their own future.  When they do it on the say so of a reader or a reading, it just shows they only have faith in that reader or reading.  This is not at all helpful and must be avoided at all costs.

There is a reason it is often believed that knowing too much about our futures can be dangerous, especially when we take that future as a foregone conclusion.  Instead, if we have faith in our own strength and ability to face any and every thing, we can stride into our futures empowered and use the tarot as the valuable tool that it is.


  1. Rhett says:

    I’ve seen alot of instances in which people will ask the same question over & over again…sometimes just tweaking the wording a bit, sometimes not…just hoping to get a more positive answer. For some reason, the issue at hand has always been regarding a romantic relationship (or break-up). Honestly, it begins to get frustrating once you’ve read on the same question for the same person, in some cases, literally 4 days in a row (4 readings). Unfortunately, I also have a problem just saying “no” or email me in a couple of weeks & we’ll see if something has changed”, particularly when the querent in extremely grateful, polite, kind etc. Any advice?