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Tarot Readings March 2018 Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings March 2018! If you read my post about my eclipse experience, then you know it’s been quite a ride! But that solar eclipse gave me a much needed boost of energy and I managed to get a whole load of readings done and even got the March readings done early! What… More »

A Few Thoughts on Aquarius Energies and an Overview of Times Ahead

Last night I sat and wrote about some of my eclipse season experiences. But I wanted to talk about my take on Aquarius energies and an overview of times ahead as I feel them. Now, remember, when I talk about Aquarius, I’m talking about the energy of the sign – not the people. Just like… More »


My Eclipse Season Experience Jan-Feb 2018

It’s about 24hrs since the solar eclipse in Aquarius and I wanted to share some of my thoughts about my eclipse season experience. I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, but readers, psychics, astrologers, spiritual advisors etc all go through the same energies that everyone else does. I don’t feel it… More »


Tarot Readings Mid-February 2018 Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings Mid-February 2018! I never go into a reading with any expectations – ‘tabula rasa’ is the name of the game. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t blown away by the positive energy that was abundant in the readings this time. I’m always saying I don’t do rainbows and… More »


Tarot Readings February 2018 Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings February 2018! As a reader, I’m very used to tapping into energies and knowing how they feel. The general readings usually have their very own feel and flavour as opposed to personal readings. But this time the energy seemed pretty specific – more like a personal reading than a general one… More »


Tarot Readings January 2018 Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings January 2018! Welcome to 2018, although personally, I don’t feel the ‘new’ year energies actually kick in until the end of March and Aries season. Having said that, we do start 2018 with a supermoon in Cancer and with Uranus turning direct, not to mention the energy shift as we entered… More »


Tarot Readings Mid-December 2017 Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings Mid-December 2017! It has to be the influence of Saturn approaching it’s home sign of Capricorn that helped me to not only record mid-monthlies, but to also get them up in time! It has to be a first for me! So many people have said “Is this life right now?!” this… More »

Tarot Readings December 2017 Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings December 2017! A lot happening this month both in terms of the astrological transits and in our own stories. As we move through Sagittarius season and into Capricorn season, there’s a huge refinement in what our own personal philosophies are and stepping up and being in our integrity. As much as… More »


Tarot Readings November 2017 Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings November 2017! Scorpio season is doing what it does best, helping us to go deep and see what lies beneath. Some are facing fears, others are redefining and discovering boundaries. As much as I always try to concentrate on the energies, there were a few specific messages that came through, so… More »


Tarot Readings October 2017 Individual Videos for All Signs

Here are Tarot Readings October 2017! I’m so sorry I missed the mid-monthlies for September, but as I explain at the end of these videos, I started recording them and then got hit by a nasty cold bug that took me down for 5 days straight! Everything happens for a reason though, I took the… More »