Playing Card Meanings

In addition to reading the tarot with the help of the Aquarian Insight Tarot Card Meanings, you can now use an ordinary deck of cards for divination with our Playing Card Meanings. You can find more tips and advice by reading Divination and Fortune Telling with a Deck of Ordinary Playing Cards.


Diamonds relate to the astrological element of Fire.  Cards in the suit of Diamonds signify expression of the self.  This can relate to expressing ourselves creatively, be it through our work or projects, the drives and related urges that we feel.

Ace of Diamonds:

Ace of DiamondsThe Aces represent a beginning or new journey. The Ace of Diamonds shows new beginnings in relation to new projects and ventures and can also indicate working or socialising with a group of people who draw out the creative aspects of your personality.

2 of Diamonds:

2 of DiamondsThere is likely to be a dynamic development and a real sense of progress, but only if we can keep our focus and concentrate on what we want to achieve. The splitting of attention of focus will delay and forward movement.


3 of Diamonds:

="3The 3 of Diamonds can indicate a coming together to discuss ideas and to make plans for the future. This could be a creative group planning a project or a business conference etc. Listen to all ideas and consider them carefully before making a decision.

4 of Diamonds:

4 of DiamondsThe successful implementation of an idea or plan is signified by this card, and that is due to all the planning and preparation that has been done. What you should have now is a great platform from which to move forward which all but assures prosperity.


5 of Diamonds:

5 of DiamondsYou may find yourself butting heads with a group of people at this time and there could be quarrels and disputes. Stay focused on your goals and be ready to think on your feet and do not be afraid to stick to your guns.

6 of Diamonds:

6 of DiamondsThe 6 of Diamonds more or less assures steady progress and as you continue to move forward, you will be recognised for all that you have achieved. Enjoy this time of peace while it lasts and make the most of it.


7 of Diamonds:

7 of DiamondsA testing time can be indicated by the 7 of Diamonds which can be especially difficult if it comes after a period of steady progress. Do not lose heart though, even though you may be fighting battles on multiple fronts.

8 of Diamonds:

8 of DiamondsGood luck and pleasant surprises can be indicated by the 8 of Diamonds. You may receive a phone call, letter or e-mail containing some good news or even take a surprise trip, so stay on the lookout for opportunities.


9 of Diamonds:

9 of DiamondsA lucky card in relation to business with rewards now for all your long-term effort; there could be new job or business opportunities and these may even be abroad. It has been a long hard slog, so enjoy what comes now.

10 of Diamonds:

10 of DiamondsThe 10 of Diamonds is a card of achievement and it is very likely that there has been success and reward. The only negative side to this card is that it may be too much of a good thing; an example of this is where you may have been working for a promotion, but now there is just too much work to handle.


Jack of Diamonds:

Jack of DiamondsThis Jack is a young man or woman who is full of life and energy. He is probably always taking part in sports and clubs and most likely has a large circle of friends. While no doubt fun, he or she is not exactly reliable.

Queen of Diamonds:

Queen of DiamondsAn attractive woman who is well aware of the effect she has on others. She is charismatic, lively and sociable but can be jealous.


King of Diamonds:

King of DiamondsEven as a grown man, this King has all the excitement and energy of a younger man, making him very popular. He is extremely self-confident and bold, but may be too ready to take risks at times.



Clubs relate to the astrological element of Earth.  In the same way Club cards relate to things of a practical nature, such as finances and possessions and the attainment of material goals.  So the cards in this suit can signify a job or the practical things that we do.

Ace of Clubs:

Ace of ClubsThe Ace of Clubs is connected to wealth and prosperity. This may be a new job or business offer; but at the very least it shows you the beginning of a series of events that lead to the achievement of material success.

2 of Clubs:

2 of ClubsThe duality of the number 2 has the chance to resonate positively in the suit of Clubs as it can mean help or support; this could make an appearance in your life as a new business partner or just some great advice at work or related to finances. This should give you the confidence you need to make progress where your financial goals are concerned, just maintain a balance.


3 of Clubs:

3 of ClubsThe 3 of Clubs shows the first practical steps in fulfilling your material goals. This may be something as simple as goal-setting or a full-fledged plan of action. No matter what the case, for the first time you may feel that your dreams are attainable.

4 of Clubs:

4 of ClubsThe combination of the grounded nature of the number 4 and the Earth element of Clubs makes this the perfect card if you’re looking for stability and a firm foundation on which to build. It can feel like a stroke of good luck. However, this card can also sometimes show a desire to cling to the status quo out of a fear of change.


5 of Clubs:

5 of ClubsThere is an air of unpredictability when the 5 of Clubs appears in a reading, and this may be especially true in relation to finances. You may be unsure about income, investments or even support at this time. These financial and property concerns may cause arguments and disharmony in relationships.

6 of Clubs:

6 of ClubsThe 6 of Clubs can indicate a run of good luck and there is the high likelihood of great prosperity and material happiness. Don’t over think the luck and appreciate what you have at this time to maintain the balance and good fortune.


7 of Clubs:

7 of ClubsThere is the chance of financial losses, and even if that is not the case, there will be worries over when the 7 of Clubs appears. But usually one is not the victim here, but the creator of the situation by wasting money on unnecessary luxuries and pleasures. This is a time to be thrifty and not wasteful.

8 of Clubs:

8 of ClubsMoney or increased income are indicated by the 8 of Clubs, but that will not come by way of a win, a gift or lucky windfall, but rather as a result of all your careful planning, investment and hard work. If you have not been doing as much as you could be, it is time to start the planning and work now.


9 of Clubs:

9 of ClubsThere is restlessness here. It may be that you have been pursuing your practical goals so doggedly that even though you are getting some real returns now, there is a desire for something different; something more. Appreciate the success that you have had and deal with your restlessness by grounding yourself with other interests.

10 of Clubs:

10 of ClubsIt’s time to enjoy your material success. The 10 of Clubs strongly suggests a solid and well-established prosperity which comes with stability and comfort. The level of abundance associated with this card may lead to the planning of a legacy for future generations. Can sometimes indicate an inheritance.


Jack of Clubs:

Jack of ClubsThis Jack is a young man or woman who is strongly interested in acquiring money. This could be someone older, but the main suggestion is that there is an immaturity here. This lack of experience may result in this Jack not being as reliable or trustworthy, but could also mean someone willing to work very hard to achieve material success.

Queen of Clubs:

Queen of ClubsThis Queen is mature and noted for her grounded manner. She is practical and sensible and known for her sound common sense, especially in connection to financial matters. It is likely that her down to Earth and sensible nature has allowed her to build a very comfortable life for herself.


King of Clubs:

King of ClubsThis is a prosperous, secure and thoroughly reliable man. He has most likely experienced much success in business or in his career as a result of a lot of hard work. He can be relied upon for sound practical advice. For this reason, the King of Clubs can sometimes indicate a boss or financial advisor.



Hearts relate to the astrological element of Water.  Heart cards relate to matters of the heart and all feelings.  Therefore dreams, desires, love and relationships are represented by this suit.

Ace of Hearts:

Ace of HeartsThe beginning of a new journey into the emotional realm could be indicated here, but as with the start of any journey, you must decide where you want to go. Ask yourself what it is that you want now; look deep within your heart and see what it is that you desire. This Ace holds the promise of emotional fulfilment.

2 of Hearts:

2 of HeartsThis card can be read quite literally; two hearts. This indicates some kind of partnership or relationship, but one that is very much based on a deep emotional connection and feelings. It can indicate a romantic partnership, but can also be a loving familial bond or even a platonic friendship.


3 of Hearts:

3 of HeartsThe saying goes that two is company and three is a crowd, well in this case, three may just be a party! At the very least, social gatherings are indicated and this may be with friends and family members, or a new group of people. Whatever the case, an enjoyable time is had.

4 of Hearts:

4 of HeartsA solid emotional state is indicated by this card. This can refer to the way you are feeling inside or to a relationship or friendship. No matter what may come, the strength of these feelings and relationship connections will stand strong and not be shaken.


5 of Hearts:

5 of HeartsThere may be disruptions in feelings and relationships when this card appears. You will do yourself no favours by turning a blind eye to the turmoil. If you can face the disturbances now, it will help with the upheavals and doubts.

6 of Hearts:

6 of HeartsYou may be showering others with affection at this time, or be on the receiving end of lavish affection and attention. For those that are single, you may receive offers of love at this time. At the very least, this is a time when pleasant feelings abound, so enjoy!


7 of Hearts:

7 of HeartsThere is a sense of victory about the 7 of Hearts which is connected to love and relationships. This may be due to a sense of fulfilled love and there is likely to be much passion shared. This could translate into shared interests or activities or an increase in sexual energy.

8 of Hearts:

8 of HeartsWhile the sense of love and emotion usually comes from the heart, with the 8 of Cups, it takes on more of an intellectual quality. This can translate in a need to communicate feelings, for example, in the form of love letters or long telephone calls with loved ones.


9 of Hearts:

9 of HeartsMuch like the 9 of Cups in tarot, the 9 of Hearts is the Wish Card; the more favourable the cards that surround this card, the greater the chance of your wish being fulfilled. Therefore, the main energy of this card is related to happiness and satisfaction.

10 of Hearts:

10 of HeartsThis card can be seen as the culmination of the Hearts journey and is connected to the idea of a solid emotional situation. This would very much be the embodiment of an established loving relationship, or a happy group of friends or a close-knit family.


Jack of Hearts:

Jack of HeartsThe feelings associated with this card are of those seen in a young person. It is that sweet, pure innocent love, which is not always romantic as it may indicate a deep affection. On the more negative side, this type of love and affection may be too impulsive and naïve.

Queen of Hearts:

Queen of HeartsThis Queen is a strong, mature woman who is very much in touch with her emotions. She is loving and nurturing but may become too emotional at times.


King of Hearts:

King of HeartsThis is an extremely affectionate King who is looking for love and an emotional connection. He wants to settle down and is very family minded and is not afraid to show how he feels.



Spades relate to the astrological element of Air.  Cards in the suit of Spades relate to the mind, thoughts and logic.  They can represent how we perceive and internalise the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Ace of Spades:

Ace of SpadesUnlike the beginnings represented by the other Aces, the one shown by the Ace of Spades may not always be an easy one. It may necessary after a traumatic or difficult change in life, and the cards around this Ace will give more of an indication of what that may be. To limit the impact of this card, be open to change.

2 of Spades:

2 of SpadesA conflict or parting of the ways is often indicated by the 2 of Spades. Sometimes this conflict is within, but can often be seen in arguments with others. If too much energy is spent on the conflict, there may even be losses.


3 of Spades:

3 of SpadesThe interference of a third party may be experienced here, which could be in the form of malicious gossip or unhelpful advice and uncalled for interference. Patience is required to pass through this time.

4 of Spades:

4 of SpadesThis is a card that urges you to take a step back, rest and to gather yourself. This is especially true if there have been hardships experienced be they in the situations around you, psychological stress or physical maladies.


5 of Spades:

5 of SpadesWhile you may be feeling better within yourself when the 5 of Spades appears, be wary of those that would make trouble for you. Do not get drawn into unnecessary disputes and arguments, and do not worry if there are upsets and obstacles created by others, as your inner strength is what will get you through this time.

6 of Spades:

6 of SpadesThings may have been difficult, but the 6 of Spades shows improvement. There is still a way to go, but this is a sign not give up, but instead to continue on your journey towards healing, success and/or enlightenment.


7 of Spades:

7 of SpadesMisunderstandings and loss are depicted by the 7 of Spades. This may be the loss of a person, a way of life or even an object; this doesn’t need to be an actual loss, but the sense that what we once thought we understood, is now no longer so. Allow yourself the time to grieve for what no longer is and then look forward.

8 of Spades:

8 of SpadesThe 8 of Spades brings with it obstacles, disruptions and unforeseen problems. It can be very easy to feel like there is no end to the bad luck or that there is not a way out, but as long as you only try to make small changes rather than big ones at this time, progress can still be made.


9 of Spades:

9 of SpadesYou could find yourself having problems sleeping when the 9 of Spades makes an appearance. This restlessness is due to feeling extremely distressed and worried about misfortunes, whether these are real or just perceived as such. Try to keep things in perceptive and ask for help if needed.

10 of Spades:

10 of SpadesThis could feel like the lowest point, when all that can go wrong has gone wrong. Be kind to yourself and know that when you hit rock bottom, there is only one way you can go…up. Can sometimes indicate a loss or imprisonment.


Jack of Spades:

Jack of SpadesThis Jack can represent a tenacious young man or woman. While he or she may be happy to speak up for what they believe, the immaturity associated with this Jack can result in rebellious behaviour.

Queen of Spades:

Queen of SpadesThis Queen is a rather bossy woman who is known for her straightforward manner of speaking and independence. She could do with trying to connect more with her emotional side.


King of Spades:

King of SpadesThis King knows his own mind and is not afraid to express what he thinks. In fact, his logical and intelligent thinking is often admired by others; however, he can forget to take the feelings of others into consideration and may be considered cold and cruel.