People Who Are Afraid of the Tarot

People Who Are Afraid of the Tarot

My last post was about tarot cards for Halloween and since then I’ve been thinking about the scary side of tarot and remembered that there are actually people that are afraid of the tarot.  There are certain cards that frighten people like Death, the Devil and the Tower, and even tarot decks that others find… More »

Halloween Tarot

Tarot Cards for Halloween

Are you looking for some new tarot cards for Halloween? You may be a professional reader who wants to use a Halloween-themed deck for client readings, or you may want a tarot deck for your Halloween event. You may like the symbols we associate with Halloween, or want a deck with horror elements, or, my… More »

Choosing your first tarot deck

Choosing Your First Tarot Deck: A Beginner’s Guide

Choosing your first tarot deck is exciting but can be a somewhat daunting prospect for newcomers to the tarot.  Just the sheer number of tarot card decks available can be overwhelming.  So here are some pointers to help you in the very important task of choosing your first tarot deck. Generally speaking, I have found… More »

Free Looking for Love Tarot Reading

Free Looking For Love Tarot Reading Now Available!

Happy October Aquarian Insighters – we decided to start the month off with a bang with a new free reading called the Looking for Love Tarot Reading.  You may have noticed that there have been fewer articles and posts from Aquarian Insight over the last few months and I have hinted that there are several… More »

What Are the Chances of a Mother and Child Sharing the Same Birthday and Same Chinese New Year Animal?

Every birth is miraculous, but what are the chances of a mother and child sharing the same birthday and same Chinese new year animal?  Yes, Aquarian Insight is a bit baby-centric this time as my sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy this week.  He is the first baby to be born in our… More »

Aquarian Insight

The Last Month Personal Tarot Readings Will Be Available on Aquarian Insight for New Clients

It is with much sadness that I must announce that September will be the last month personal tarot readings will be available on Aquarian Insight for new clients.  Due to a number of reasons, I will no longer be able to offer my personal e-mail tarot readings on a regular basis, so from 1 October 2013… More »

The 'I' and 'We' in a Relationship - Living with an Immature Partner

The ‘I’ and ‘We’ in a Relationship: Living with an Immature Partner

Does living with an immature partner ever become easier?  Will he ever grow up?  Will he ever stop acting like he’s single and commit to our relationship?  Will he ever become more considerate?  We live together, but does he love me?  While the image used depicts a jokey quote about men and women in relationships,… More »

Apocalypse Not-Now - What’s Happening Post 2012

Apocalypse Not-Now: What’s Happening Post 2012?

We’re coming to the end of summer 2013 and it hardly seems possible that this time last year the world was in the grip of apocalypse mania.  It seemed we were all waiting for 21 December 2012, whether we thought the world would end or not.  In fact, I was quite surprised by the number of… More »

Changes to the Aquarian Insight Numerology Service

If you have recently tried to request a Numerology Chart Analysis you may have noticed changes to the Aquarian Insight numerology service. There have been a lot of changes going on behind the scenes here at Aquarian Insight and there has been a need to review and prioritise the services that I offer, due to… More »

Aquarian Insight Update: Reviewing and Prioritising

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting regularly in the last few weeks, and that is because behind the scenes there has been a lot of reviewing and prioritising going on.  I’ve been taking on more and more work recently, and not just with Tarot readings, but with my writing too.  The problem with… More »