Tarot cards that show change and why we fear them

Tarot Cards that Show Change and Why We Fear Them

Death, Judgement, Tower and Wheel of Fortune Whether you’re totally new to the tarot or familiar with the meanings of the cards, there are cards that we all seem to know and even fear. Most people fear the Death card appearing in their reading, but almost just as many cringe when they see the Tower…. More »

A Mercury Retrograde can have a huge impact on people's lives, both physically and developmentally, here we look at how these effects can continue even afterwards.

After a Mercury Retrograde

Have you had a tough start to 2015? Have there been unforeseen delays and problems? Or maybe you’ve been feeling more emotional and not reacting as calmly or logically as you usually would? Well, it would seem that you are not alone as just about everyone I have spoken to this last month has been… More »

2015 Year of the Sheep

What Will The Chinese Year of the Sheep Mean For You?

The new moon on 19th February 2015 marks the Chinese New Year. It is the end of the year Horse and the start of the year of the Sheep. Sometimes referred to as the year of the Goat or Ram. Chinese astrology is actually quite in depth and goes beyond just the animal of the… More »

What are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

What are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming?

When I sat down to write this post, I thought about what had inspired me to learn to lucid dream about a decade ago. At the time I think I thought I was exploring a new topic because it was something I had read about when I was a teenager. If I’m completely honest with… More »

What is Lucid Dreaming?

What is Lucid Dreaming?

As requested and as promised, here is my series on Lucid Dreaming. Thanks to movies like ‘Inception’ lucid dreaming has been growing in popularity even though it has been practiced for hundreds of years. You may have heard about it and wondered “What is lucid dreaming?” The most basic answer is that you are in… More »

Free Is He/She Cheating on Me? Tarot Reading

Is He/She Cheating On Me?

Would you like to ask the tarot a question? Something like “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?” or to find out if your wife is having an affair? Whether the person you love really loves you? Or maybe it’s your health you’re concerned about? I’ve just created a new reading for anyone stuck in a… More »

How was 2014 for You?

Depending on what part of the world you’re in and on your own beliefs and traditions most people are preparing for Christmas and their holiday celebrations. But we’re also coming up to the end of the year and I hope that between all the gift giving and receiving, eating, drinking and socialising you will take… More »

Spooky Experiences and Scary Stories

I have been working very hard on a new website that will be going live soon, which will be full of spooky experiences and scary stories. I had a difficult few months with my own health and then the loss of our beloved German Shepherd dog, who sadly passed away in September, so the site… More »

Free Online Readings

Free Online Readings – Your Questions Answered

I’ve been going through the comments that you have been leaving in response to the Free Readings and some of you have left questions which I thought I would answer here. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that has left comments and I do apologise for my delay in responding. I’ve used many different… More »

Learn to Read the Celtic Cross: Part 3

CARD-BY-CARD BREAKDOWN In this, the final part of the ‘Learn to Read the Celtic Cross’ series, I will take you through this amazing spread, one card at a time. If you want to know more about why this is such a great spread to use and how to prepare for the reading, be sure to… More »