Free Twelve Month Tarot Reading

Welcome to your Free Twelve Month Tarot Reading!  As the name states, this is a reading which takes a look at the year ahead. Before you start your reading I would just like to remind you (once again) that in every second of every day, with every thought, with every action, you are changing your future. So, this reading will show you your most likeliest year ahead if nothing changes and you remain the same. If it looks good, great, continue doing what you're doing. If you don't like what you see, then you know which areas you need to work on. It is so important to remember this and I would ask you to read Are Our Destinies Written in the Stars and the Cards? where I look at this issue in more detail and explain how you can make the most of your reading.

The main reason I use the Twelve Month Tarot Reading is to give an indication of time frames in relation to other readings that I have done. So I would never use this reading on its own, but always along side a Past Present Future Tarot Reading or, most commonly, a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading. This way I get to see the full picture rather than a narrow indication of the major energy of each month in the coming twelve months.

Ready? Just Shuffle the cards to get your reading and then click on the cards (which are numbered) to reveal them and their meanings.


  1. A month full of trial../arghhhh…