23 July 2012

Free Tarot Readings

Advice For Tarot Readers Who Are Asked For Free Tarot Readings and For Those That Ask For Them:

If you’re a tarot reader, I am sure that you are regularly asked for free tarot readings.  I know I am asked all the time.  It can be hard sometimes to say ‘No’ but that is what we must do.  But how do you do it?  In all fairness, most of the people that ask are in desperation, and I read so many sad stories, but how many people can you do free tarot readings for?  Here I will share my experience to hopefully help others in the same position.

I have been working with the tarot since 1995.  I had periods when it was my only source of income, but at other times I did it alongside my corporate job.  Now I have given myself over to just being a professional Tarot Consultant.  I love helping people and I know this is a gift I cannot waste.  It is the most comfortable I have felt in years and doing tarot readings makes me happy.  But, I also have bills and rent to pay.

So, the first thing to remember is that it is your business.  Your livelihood depends on the money you make from tarot readings.  We are tarot readers; we do it because we have a gift and that makes us care about people and want to help them.  But, you also need to harness your professional side and run it like a real business, because that is what it is.

Secondly, when people ask for free tarot readings, I make sure to tell them that I am really sorry, but I am unable to do any free readings at this time.  I tell them that they can book a personal tarot reading with me and give them the link to my tarot readings bookings page.

Thirdly, I tell them that if there is an issue with money and if they cannot afford a reading at this time that they can wait for one of my free readings events; the notifications for which will be posted on the Aquarian Insight Facebook page.

Free tarot reading events are something I try to do regularly as it gives the people who need a reading but can’t afford one the chance to get some insight from the tarot.  It also allows people to ‘try before they buy’ in a way.  There are many…well, I won’t say fake…but readers who are not as well versed in the tarot as the rest of us and they give us all a bad reputation.  I am so confident in my skill as a reader, that I love doing free tarot reading events to show people what I am capable of.  If you’re not already doing this, it may be something you would like to think about.

Now to all you lovely souls out there that ask for a free tarot reading.  We understand how bad things are; we look into the lives of so many and feel their emotions and pain every day.  It is not always easy, but us tarot readers do it, because we are here to help.  However, I would ask you to consider that this is a service we provide, like so many other professions.  You would not consider asking your plumber for a free service, or your accountant or ask the supermarket for free food.

If you really need a free tarot reading, then by all means message your chosen reader and ask them if they ever offer free readings and if so, when they are planning their next free tarot reading event.  Be sure to add their RSS feed, or sign up for the newsletter or join their Facebook page.  That way you’ll be sure to receive a notification of the free tarot reading event.

If we all work together, we can help each other and receive the benefits that we need to make our dreams come true.

Peace and light always to all.