Free "Is He/She Cheating on Me?" Tarot Reading

Due to the overwhelming number of times I have received a question about the fidelity of a partner, I have created for you the Free "Is He/She Cheating on Me?" Tarot Reading. If you've read any of the numerous posts I've written about asking these types of questions, you'll know that it is not a question I answer. The two main reasons for this are that firstly, you need to speak to your partner as spying on them using the cards helps no-one, not even you. Secondly, I don't like questions for tarot readings that require a yes or no answer, because that's not what the cards do best. They're there to empower you and to explore your situation and show you all the choices you have available. You can find out more by reading Is He/She Cheating On Me? So, hopefully this free reading will help you to explore how you're feeling and look at why you think your partner is cheating on you as well as how to confront your partner and talk about trust issues.