Free Card of the Day Tarot Reading

Welcome to your Free Card of the Day Tarot Reading!  I feel this simple, but extremely effective reading is great to give you some guidance for the day ahead. Think of the day ahead. What do you want to achieve today? What do you have planned? What would be your best possible outcome for today? Then look at the 22 cards of the Major Arcana below and click on the one you feel drawn to. If you feel drawn to more than one, don't worry, there's nothing to stop you from selecting another card afterwards.

You will then be shown your card for the day along with keywords and meanings. There is the General meaning, but also meanings which will help give you insight into the areas of Love and Work. Whichever card you select, use its energy to guide you today. Remember, the moment of power is now; your every second, every action, every thought even, has the power to transform your life.

Leave all fear behind and step into your future today focussing just on your goals and what you want to achieve. If your goals aren't clear, look for ideas and guidance around you. The below Free Card of the Day Tarot Reading is just a starting point to help you make the most of the day ahead. Enjoy your reading and have the most wonderful day possible!