21 May 2012

Aquarius According to ‘The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems’, by William Thomas and Kate Pavitt, (1922)

In reading about Aquarius in The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems’, by William Thomas and Kate Pavitt, (1922) I was taken by the initial discussion about how the author was proposing that Uranus should be the ruling planet of Aquarius and not Saturn.  As an Aquarian, I’m all about being ruled by Uranus, so sometimes forget that it wasn’t always acknowledged that we are ruled by Uranus.  Anyway, I’ve included a section of the chapter on Aquarius;  the rest of the chapter and indeed the book can be read on Sacred-Texts.com.  The image used is from one of the versions available for purchase on Amazon.co.uk.




p. 259

Those born under the influence of Aquarius possess extremely complex minds and dispositions often unconsciously as well as consciously absorbing impressions and information on all kinds of topics and out-of-the-way subjects, their interests being widely spread and far-reaching; and, as their symbol the Water-bearer suggests, their diffusive natures give them an extraordinary facility in the passing on of knowledge to others in a manner easy to understand, their well-stocked minds full of reminiscence and anecdote making them most interesting companions when they choose.

Unlike those born under the influence of Capricorn, they do not run in any well-worn groove of thought nor use any established reason or method, preferring ways and ideas of their own to those of others. Despite their ability to succeed

p. 260

in almost any direction, their fluctuating moods incline them often to scatter their talents and energies, thus losing them many opportunities of advancement in a definite profession or occupation. Although acting from what seems to themselves well-defined motives, they frequently annoy their friends and relations by what appears to be a capricious restlessness. The perceptive faculty being stronger in the Aquarian type than in others, they are remarkably good judges of human nature and character, and, their analytical and reasoning powers being very pronounced, they see through the motives and actions of others very quickly and easily, often having a reply ready before the other has finished speaking. Although careful to examine the facts or truths of any matter before finally accepting it, they speak their minds freely or express their opinions forcibly when necessary. They are intelligent, independent, and progressive in their ideas, with a strong sense of justice and forethought in all they undertake. Contrary to the expectations of those about them, they often succeed where nothing but failure seems possible; their will-power, being firm even to obstinacy, continues to exert itself to the end of any achievement in spite of obstacles and difficulties which others consider insurmountable. They usually have more than one source of

p. 261

income, but do not show to the best advantage when born rich, for in their endeavour to get the best value for outlay and the best interest on investments, and being subject to sudden gains and losses, their dread of poverty makes money always more or less an anxiety, whether inherited or earned, which makes them very careful in financial affairs, giving outsiders the impression of meanness, although when wealthy they frequently leave large sums for the benefit of the community.

Extremes frequently meet in this type, which includes some of the strongest as well as some of the most erratic and indecisive characters who, when adversely aspected, become cantankerous, abrupt in manners, selfish, and obstinate, and through their eccentricity and peculiarity of temperament are often the creators of their own enemies and misfortunes.

The temper is quick and irritable, and they do not recover easily from its effect, surrounding themselves as it were with a barrier of reserve impossible to break through or approach.

The professions and occupations in which they are most successful are frequently of an uncommon nature, or of an advanced kind, noteworthy examples of subjects born during this period being Darwin, Dickens, Edison, Ruskin, and Sir Henry

p. 262

[paragraph continues]Irving. Many investors, metaphysicians, scientists, artists, authors, hypnotists, electricians, elocutionists, actors, art and literary critics, analysts, telegraphists are Aquarians, and having much resourceful and inventive genius are often successful where others fail.

The health defects of those born under this sign are usually complicated and sometimes incurable, including accidents from lightning and electricity, giddiness, neuritis, rheumatism, derangements of the digestive system, bad circulation, catarrh, eczema, bad chills, and sprains and injuries to the ankles which are ruled by this sign and are often weak in childhood.

In matters relating to marriage and friendship they arc difficult to please, being apt to demand a reason even for their ideals which makes them scrutinise the faults and failings of those with whom they come in contact, thoughtlessness and its resultant mistakes being to them incomprehensible. Although fond of living in towns and cities and mixing with others are often the most lonely of all the types; but if once deeply attracted are staunch and true, and will be most in sympathy with the Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarian types, and least in harmony with those of the Taurus and Scorpio signs.