7 June 2017

Aquarian Insight Talks – Truth and Freewill

OK, so I’ve been promising you more opinion-based, ‘advice’ type videos for a while and as you know things have been crazy at my end, but I finally got around to recording and posting the first of what I hope will be many Aquarian Insight Talks – Truth and Freewill. I picked this topic because firstly, we’re in Gemini season, and I’ve been encouraging everyone to speak their truth. Even in my personal life, it seems I’ve been telling friends and family to connect with their truth and to speak it. Secondly, though, I think it works as a good introduction into what I am aiming for by doing these kinds of talks. These are my truths, but they do not have to be your truths, and I would always encourage you to find and explore that which rings true for you.

But what is the truth? How can we know our own truth and how does it relate to other people’s truths? I ramble on about some of those things here and share some of my own truths. It isn’t easy to share your truth – I get that. I am very good at doing it and yet even I paused for a moment after recording this and thought “Am I really going to post this? Who wants to hear/cares about my truth?” But I have faith that those that need to hear this will and that whatever reaction people have will be the right one for them.

The videos are only available via this site and that’s because I understand that most people who visit the YouTube channel only do so for the readings. The freewill part of this was inspired by a question that someone sent me, so if you have a topic you want to hear me talk about, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Peace and light to you always, now on with the talk…

Aquarian Insight Talks – Truth & Freewill