2012 is The Year of the Dragon

On  23rd January 2012, we leave the Year of the Rabbit and enter the Year of the Dragon.  How this year affects you personally will depend on your own sign and you can read about that here, but in general terms, the fact that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon is considered to be an exciting and exhilarating time.  This is in contrast to the peace and calm of the preceding Rabbit year.

In the West, the Dragon is seen as a vile beast to be slain and defeated.  The Dragon was likened to the devil as it was seen to signify the worst moral aspects of humanity.  However, this could not be further from the truth in Eastern societies.  The Dragon is seen as the wise, strong, magical protector.  He is seen as representing royalty and prosperity.

In a Dragon year, events can seem magnified and everything feels more intense.  It is a time when we have the daring and energy to be bold and take risks.  This could be an excellent time to take that step towards marriage, start a family or embark on that business venture.  The only word of caution is not to get totally carried away with the enthusiasm and exhilaration of the Dragon year, as this could lead to you taking unnecessary risks.  As long as you use the power and energy of this year to power your ambition, there is very little you cannot achieve.

What does The Year of the Dragon have in store for you personally?
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