Tarot Reading about Pregnancy

Many expectant mothers want a tarot reading about pregnancy.  This is a bit of a controversial area as some readers will not answer some questions regarding pregnancy as they come under the health and medical advice banner.  This is especially true if the question asked is something along the lines of “Will I be able… More »

Can You Do a Tarot Reading for a Pet

Can You Do a Tarot Reading for a Pet?

Someone asked me this week “Can you do a tarot reading for a pet?” and I replied with a very enthusiastic “Yes, of course!”  When you do a tarot reading, you are connecting to the energy of the query. This means the query can be about a person, a place even a building or an… More »

The Merlin Tarot: My First Tarot Deck

This weekend I was tidying up my stored files and I came across some scanned cards from The Merlin Tarot. It got me thinking about the deck and how much I had loved using it. Although I had practiced with other decks before the Merlin Tarot, this is the tarot deck I consider to be… More »

Who Does a Tarot Reader See for a Tarot Reading?

One question I am frequently asked is “Who does a tarot reader see for a tarot reading?”  I am asked if I read the cards for myself or if I have a tarot reader that I consult.  I guess it is very much like hairdressing; does the hairdresser cut his or her own hair or… More »

Couple's Relationship Tarot Reading

Relationship Tarot Reading for Couples

The new Free Couple’s Relationship Tarot Reading is now live.  I had planned for it to be available around Valentine’s Day, but due to unforeseen delays, it took a few weeks longer to get it ready.  However, Valentine’s Day is probably the one day of the year a relationship tarot reading for couples is not… More »


Updates, HuffPost Live and SAD

Hello all, this is just a quick update on what has been happening in the world of Aquarian Insight as I haven’t been posting as much as usual and I had been hoping to have two more free readings live on the site by last week, but they have been delayed for now.  On this… More »

Use the Tarot for a Better Future for Your Relationship

Use the Tarot for a Better Future for Your Relationship

Would you like to have a tarot reading and have the cards tell you exactly what you can expect from your relationship?  Whether your spouse will cheat again?  If he or she is your soul mate?  If you’ll find that happily ever after with this one?  It sounds wonderfully convenient, but really is the least... More »

Everyone Worries About Love and Why We Do Not Have to

As a tarot reader, not only do I have the great opportunity to share people’s life stories, but I also get a much broader picture of the types of things that concern us the most as human beings. I read for people from all over the world, and at times I have done reading after... More »
February is Relationship Month on Aquarian Insight

February is Relationship Month on Aquarian Insight

This is a very quick post to let you know that as usual, February is relationship month on Aquarian Insight, which means I will be adding posts and even new free readings related to love and relationships. In the next couple of days I will be posting Everyone Worries About Love and Why We Do Not... More »
The Significance of Seeing the Number 11 Everywhere

The Significance of Seeing the Number 11 Everywhere: Aquarian Insight Free Reading

Do have a number that shows up again and again in your life?  Well, the question I received this time is about the significance of seeing the number 11 everywhere.  I am very interested in numerology and am aware that many people experience the phenomena of recurring numbers in their lives.  These are numbers such... More »