Learn to Read the Celtic Cross: Part 1

INTRODUCTION TO THE CELTIC CROSS Although the precise origins are unclear, the Celtic Cross is still the most well known and most widely used tarot spread. There are several variations on the order in which the cards are read, and the meanings associated with the positions, but the layout is always the same. The very… More »

Developing Good Practices and a Code of Ethics

My Tarot Journey Part 3 – Developing Good Practices and a Code of Ethics As I shared in the first two posts, learning to read tarot cards and then reading for others, is obviously a huge and crucial part of becoming a professional tarot reader. It would be wrong to say though that this is… More »

Reading the Tarot for Others

My Tarot Journey Part 2 – Reading the Tarot for Others In Part 1 of my Tarot Journey, I wrote about my introduction to the tarot and how I began to read for other people. Here I will share how I progressed in reading the tarot for others and became a professional tarot reader. As… More »

Aquarian Insight Summer 2014 Update

Hello all! I’m going to be terribly British for just a moment and talk about the weather. If you are in the northern hemisphere like me, I hope you’re surviving the heat, for those of you in the southern hemisphere, likewise for the colder weather. Those of you that have been following my posts know… More »

Introduction to the Tarot

Introduction to the Tarot

My Tarot Journey Part 1 – Introduction to the Tarot A few days ago I received a message from someone I was very close friends with quite a few years ago. Then she got married and I became very ill and we went from being in contact almost every day to not having exchanged a… More »

Can Tarot Open a Gateway to Demonic Energy

Can Tarot Open a Gateway to Demonic Energy?

If you’re a regular visitor on Aquarian Insight the title of this post may surprise you as I am a rather practical sort of tarot reader. Nevertheless, I would like to talk a little about the question ‘Can tarot open a gateway to demonic energy?’ The idea came to me last weekend. After a very… More »

Will My Lover Return to Me?

Will My Lover Return to Me?

Answers from the ‘Heart of the Matter’ Relationship Tarot Reading Over the weekend a lovely lady contacted me via the Aquarian Insight page on Facebook enquiring if I could help her to understand a reading she had conducted with the ‘Heart of the Matter’ Relationship Tarot Reading spread. Her question was “Will My Lover Return… More »

The Steampunk Tarot

The Steampunk Tarot

Recently I completed a post on another website about Steampunk Tarot Cards and while I was writing it I fell in love with The Steampunk Tarot deck all over again. I wanted to write so much more in that article, as this is one of my favourite decks, but I was limited by how long… More »

Why Your Free Reading Request Has Not Been Selected

If you’ve sent a request for a Free Personal Tarot Reading in Agony Aunt Style you may be wondering why your free reading request has not been selected. Here I take examples of the questions I have received in just the last week and attempt to explain why I did not conduct readings for them…. More »

Do Spells Work?

A little departure from tarot with this post as I’m going to address the question “Do spells work?” First a little bit of a back story about what inspired me to write this. We receive a lot of requests from people who want their websites featured on Aquarian Insight. For the most part, this is… More »