Hindu Book of Astrology

Aquarius According to ‘The Hindu Book of Astrology’, by Bhakti Seva, (1902)

Commenting on The Hindu Book of Astrology by Bhakti Seva, J. B. Hare states that it is most likely written by someone in the west masquerading as a Swami, and that it’s not actually true to real Hindu Astrology or to the religious beliefs of the Hindus.  I would agree.  However, I have decided to include the passage… More »

Tarot for the Healing Heart

The Meaning of Illness: The Headless Horsemen of Dis-ease

‘The Meaning of Illness: The Headless Horsemen of Dis-ease’: quite a title, right?  Well, in Messages as Illness: Looking at the Meaning of Illness I pondered on what could be learned and understood from illness.  No-one asks to get ill; who would want to be sick?  But the fact of the matter is that the… More »


The All New Free Horoscope Spread Tarot Reading

I am always working on bringing you more and more free readings on the site and I am very happy to be able to launch the first of these today; the Free Horoscope Spread tarot reading.  I love this spread as it combines two of my passions; astrology and tarot. The layout of the spread… More »

what to do when youre ill

Messages as Illness: Looking at the Meaning of Illness

Looking at the meaning of illness? Is it even possible and how can we?  Whenever we become ill or feel some dis-ease in our body, this is a message telling us that something is very wrong.  Somewhere we are out of balance.  So how do we unravel the message being sent out by your body… More »

Tarot reader

Can You Read the Tarot Cards for Yourself?

“Can you read the tarot cards for yourself?” I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked that question. Here I answer this question and explain why. “Dispassionate objectivity is itself a passion, for the real and for the truth.” Abraham Maslow  It is often suggested that you should not read the cards… More »

15 - Devil

Tarot Addiction: Surrendering Your Power to Tarot Cards

 It may seem strange that I would write about this topic as my livelihood depends on tarot, but it makes me so sad when I see people surrendering their power to the tarot cards, which I call Tarot Addiction.  Recently I have seen this again in a lady who is beautiful, intelligent and kind but… More »


Are Our Destinies Written in the Stars and the Cards?

Are our destinies written in the stars?  Or the cards or the Financial Times for that matter?!  This probably seems like a very strange question coming from me, but it’s been one of those weeks.  I’ve been thinking about astrology so much due to the fact that everyone seems to be talking about Mercury retrograde…. More »


Voice of the Angels: 2012 and the Journey so far…

 One of my 2012 New Year’s resolution’s related to Aquarian Insight was to start a more personal blog about my activities, rather than just write about the big things like contemplating the personal and global significance of 2012 or delving into the mysteries of the tarot.  But this Aquarian has been so busy that I’ve… More »

year 2012

What is the Personal and Global Significance of 2012?

It has been some time now and everyone seems to be pondering the significance of 2012, both on a global and a personal level.  So what is the personal and global significance of 2012?  At one extreme we have had doomsday movies and prophecies touted as the most likely cataclysmic outcome of this year, while… More »

01 The Magician

The Secret to Reading the Tarot: All You Need to Know

The Secret to Reading the Tarot can very easily by summed up by the following quote and here I will share it with you. “A few observation and much reasoning lead to error; many observations and a little reasoning to truth.” Alexis Carrel I am always receiving requests for a comprehensive list of all the… More »